06 Vänersborg - Dalbergså, Vänerleden

38.5 km

Vänersborg, “Little Paris”

It is easy to get to Vänersborg by train. Near the railway station you’ll find the guest marina Vänersborgs Gästhamn och Marinawhere you can readily obtain more information on Vänern. In the town centre, the tourist information centre Vänersborgs turistbyrå can also provide you with information about the Vänerleden cycle route. Vänersborg was nicknamed “Little Paris” by the Swedish poet Birger Sjöberg and offers a rich variety of activities and sights. Explore the “cultural axis” from the large historic Residenset building to Vänersborgs Museum, which contains Sweden’s oldest preserved museum environment and is especially known for its unique collection of African birds. Along the cultural axis you will also find the tourist information centre Turistbyrån, which can provide you with more information. Vänersborg offers several forms of accommodation, supermarkets and grocery stores, restaurants and cafés, and Sweden’s oldest cheese shop. Enjoy the boating scene by the harbour canal and guest marina before continuing on your bike ride or taking the train home.

The Vänerleden route heads west, but you can also cycle it in the opposite direction; the route signs are in place in both directions. In Vänersborg you should ride over the Dalbobron Bridge, with a magnificent view of Lake Vänern.

Shortly after the Dalbobron Bridge, you cross Djupedalsvägen Road and continue past the petrol station until you come to an underpass under the road that you ride through. Here, you follow the old Frändeforsvägen Road. After about 1 km, there is a turn-off to Ursands Resort och Camping, which is perfect for accommodation, food or swimming. The facilities include a great bathing area and a heated swimming pool.

Sikhall offers both a guest marina and a campsite, so take the opportunity to soak up the boating scene in the little harbour before you reach Sikhalls camping about 700 m from the harbour. At the campsite you will find a bathing beach and you can enjoy a break with coffee and ice cream.

Rock carvings in Dalbergså

The route then meanders through the landscape of Dalsland Province. You will pass the church Gestads Kyrka, Grinstad and Bodane and will eventually reach the turn-off for the road towards Dalbergså. In Dalbergså, you’ll find a cosy village shop, campsite and guest marina, as well as a scenic walking loop with rock carvings alongside Lake Vänern. Well worth a visit. If it’s time to find overnight accommodation, Dalbergså is one option, or you can continue cycling towards Mellerud and spend the night in cabins by the harbour Sunnanå Hamn or on the campsite Vita Sandars Camping, which in addition to traditional forms of campsite accommodation, also offers cabins and residential caravans.

Along the way