Vänerleden FAQ: Common Questions and Answers

Here are answers to some of the most common questions from visitors to the Vänerleden:

How long is Vänerleden?

Vänerleden is approximately 640 km long. If you wish to cycle further, you have the option to create your own tailored cycling holiday by combining cycling on Vänerleden with other connecting national cycling routes, such as the Göta canal trail or the Unionsleden. You can of course also do shorter tours or cycle some of the stages.

Where can I charge my electric bike?

Some accommodations and facilities along Vänerleden have the possibility to charge electric bikes. You can search for places with opportunities for electric bike charging on the map or contact your accommodation before arrival to find out their policies.

What type of surface is along the route?

Vänerleden runs on both cycle paths and roads with mixed car and bicycle traffic, and the surface varies with both asphalt and gravel. Road type and surface can be found on the map.

Is it child-friendly, meaning can I take my child to cycle along the route?

In some places with well-developed cycling networks, cycling with children is especially suitable. This applies, for example, in Hammarö, Karlstad, and Kristinehamn in the northern part of Vänern, as well as in Vänersborg at the southern end of Vänern. You can read more about cycling with children in Kristinehamn here.

Can I rent a bike for a long period to cycle the entire route?

There are several bike rental companies around Vänerleden, and many of them offer long-term bike rentals.

Is there any printed map available to purchase for Vänerleden?

Calazo publishing has produced a detail map for Vänerleden, which is available for purchase online from them, in various online stores, and at tourist offices around Vänern. The map is at the moment only available in Swedish and can be purchased online for example here.

How do I get to Vänerleden and is there any long-term parking available for cars?

On lakevanern.se, there are tips on how to get to Lake Vänern and long-term parking options for cars.