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Winnie Lane Bar n’ Bowling Court

Vänersborg, Västra Götalands län


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Play, compete and have fun or sit down in the cozy bar for a while.

Welcome to Winnie Lane Bar n' Bowling Court - a fun way to hang out! Bring your friends, co workers and family - play, compete and have fun or sit down in the cozy bar for a while.

Winnie's has several different alternatives to entertainment:

Hyper Bowling

In addition to traditional bowling on 6 fine courses, you can also play Hyper Bowling – a completely new and unique experience for people of all ages. Hyper Bowling is a mix of bowling and games where lights and sensors along the bumpers of the courses are part of the game. Every game has different levels of difficulty, so you don't have to be a bowler to think this is fun – everyone can play and win.


Shuffleboard is reminiscent of curling, but is played on tables. 4 red or blue stones per person or team, curled from one edge to the other end of the playing table. It is important to get as close to the far edge as possible with your own stones while blocking or knocking away the opponent's.

Bank Shot

Bankshot is a mix of shuffleboard and pool. The table has scoring zones in the same direction, which means that you have to shepherd the puck in the sides to get over on the other side of the middle barrier. Fun game that requires both feeling and strategy.


Aim and shoot! Try hitting the target with the arrows - can you pull of a bullseye?

Food and drink
Winnie's Kitchen is right by the bowling - they cook all our tasty food, including the popular smashed burgers. The kitchen and bar are open Wednesday to Sunday.

A warm welcome!