South-west stage Vänersborg–Åmål

The south-west stage is best started or finished in Vänersborg or Åmål, which are easy to reach by train. In Vänersborg, the route meanders scenically along Lake Vänern’s shoreline, and in Åmål you can experience old town districts directly adjacent to Vänern.

The cycle route is mainly on rural roads with mixed traffic and passes picturesque historic sights that you can visit. The high point is at Håverud, where the aqueduct attracts visitors from both the road and the water.

The route also passes fine rock carvings and the 14th-century Dalaborg castle ruins – an excellent spot for a picnic with an expansive view of Lake Vänern; in good weather you can see Kinnekulle from here. This side of Vänern is also home to a terminal moraine, Hjortens Udde, which extends out into Vänern, although not as far as Hindens Rev. This section also offers one of Vänern’s best sandy beaches, Vita Sannar, and there are several very good campsites to choose from. If you want to visit harbour environments on your bike ride, you will also pass several cosy guest marinas en route, such as Sunnanå, Dalbergså and Åmål’s guest marina, which is a bustling harbour community in summer. If you’re lucky, you can time your visit to coincide with the popular Blues Fest featuring artists from far and wide.

Sights and attractions that you pass along the route include: Vänersborgs Museum, the park Skräckleparken, the 14th-century Dalaborg castle ruins, rock carvings, the Hjortens Udde peninsula, the old mill Tollebols Kvarn, and Åmål’s old town district.

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