07 Dalbergså - Dals Långed, Vänerleden

59.8 km

Hjortens Udde Peninsula and Dalaborg Fort

About 2 km from the turn-off for the road to Dalbergså, you will reach a turn-off for the road to Dalaborg. We recommend taking a detour and a picnic to the ruins of this 14th-century fort. Construction of the fort was completed in the early 1300s. It was part of the growing power base of the Dukes Erik and Valdemar Magnusson where they challenged Swedish, Norwegian and Danish royal rulers. The fort was destroyed during the Engelbrekt Rebellion in 1434. On a clear day, you gain a spellbinding view of Vänern and you can see Kinnekulle Hill from here. On your way towards Mellerud, we recommend that you also take a detour to Hjortens Udde, a peninsula that is part of the terminal moraine that was created more than 10,000 years ago and that appears on the other side in the form of the long point, Hindens Rev. According to legend, Hjorten was a giant who was in love with Hinden, who Hindens Rev was named after. If you enjoy swimming, the magical sandy beach at Näs is a great spot. Shortly before you arrive in central Mellerud, accommodation is available in the form of cabins by the harbour Sunnanå Hamn and at Vita Sandars Camping, including residential caravans and cabins. Vita Sandars Campingis a four-star campsite with one of Vänern’s finest sandy beaches, a pleasant restaurant, a pool and canoe hire. Here, you can easily take a break for a couple of days and simply enjoy the great beach and all the activities on offer.

Stock up in Mellerud

In Mellerud you can take the opportunity to stock up on supplies of food and drink and perhaps also spare parts. On your way to Dals Rostock, you will cycle on an asphalted railway trackbed free of motor traffic. The Åsnebyn culture reserve can be a nice place to stop for a break.

Herb garden and local heritage museum in Dals Rostock

In the cosy little community of Dals Rostock you’ll find attractions such as a well-tended herb garden, various handicrafts and a local heritage museum (hembygdsmuseum) with a café. There is a kids’ model of the old station building here that is a little adventure for children to explore. If you want to stay overnight to experience more of what the area has to offer the next day, Kroppefjäll bed & breakfast is available with nature on its doorstop. Here, we highly recommend a visit to Mörttjärn’s nature reserve and Kroppefjäll Hill and nature reserve with a fantastic view over the whole of Dalsland and out towards Lake Vänern. There are several lovely hiking trails on Kroppefjäll Hill. If you would prefer a shorter walk, you can visit Mörttjärn’s nature reserve and the Dr Saedéns Runda loop trail. Dr Saedén was a consultant (head physician) at Kroppefjäll’s sanatorium in 1916–1945. He constructed many exciting monuments in the forest to tempt the patients to take strengthening walks. For example, here you can play on the wind harp (Aeolian harp), see Lyckans Ö (the island of happiness) in the lake, and marvel at the fantastic view from the lookout tower.

In the long term, the Vänerleden cycle route will go past Håverud, but until all the municipal street departments and road operators have approved cycling on their roads, the cycle route will continue to go from Dals Rostock via Tegen, Tångebyn to Dals Långed.

After you have passed road 166, you will cycle on a winding road through the forest before you reach Tegen after about 2 km. Here, you continue north towards Dals Långed as the landscape opens up to give you a picturesque view of fields and meadows dotted with cottages with white trim. You will pass Källhult after roughly 2 km. A while later, you will cycle alongside Lake Rännen before reaching Dals Långed.

In Dals Långed there are a couple of stores where you can buy groceries.

When you have passed the two bridges over Dalsland’s canal, turn left onto the road called Christian Aarsunds Väg, cycle for a few hundred metres and pass the railway. Then turn left onto the cycle path that runs alongside Stenebyvägen Road. Follow it to Baldersnäsvägen Road that you turn onto and pass the railway first and then follow the road alongside Lake Laxsjön. We recommend an overnight stay at the manorBaldersnäs Herrgård if you’re looking for quality accommodation and food at one of Dalsland’s foremost restaurants, Öjentorps Kök. The beautiful manor estate originates from the 1700s. The area is characterised by the interest in English park culture shown by the former industrialist and ironworks manager Carl Fredrik Waern. There are also nature reserves with several different walking trails.

In Dals Långed, accommodation is also available at Kanalvillan and Laxsjöns Friluftsgård och Camping.

Vänerleden takes you from Dals Långed to Fengersfors on the same route as Unionsleden (Sweden’s fourth national cycle route).

Along the way