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The grave mound of Olof Trätälja

Säffle, Värmlands län


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Olof Trätälja was a Swedish king of Ynglinga ätten.

Olof is mentioned in Thiodolf of Hvins Ynglingatal, and in Snorri Sturluson's Ynglingasaga in Heimskringla and then as the son of Ingjald.According to the Saga, this is the grave mound of Olof Trätälja, the founder of Säffle. He was brought up in Västergötland with his foster father. After his father died, and Ivar Vidfamne become the new king of Svitjod he settled in Värmland where he broke ground and made his empire.

When the Svitjod heard that Olof cleared forests he called him derisively of "Trätälja" because he engaged in such a "libelous" business. In the end, the people were so numerous that there was not enough land, and there was famine. Olof was blamed because he is not sacrificed, and the Swedes killed him and offered him to Odin. The mound is unusually large and is dated to the early Iron Age, probably the latter part of this period (600-1050 AD.). If you want to read more download / print the brochure "Discover the ancient Säffle" .