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Liljedal Glassworks Museum

Grums, Värmlands län


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Exhibition of unique glass utility goods

Glassworks museum in Liljedal folk museum.

This was once Scandinavia's largest bottled glass factory. The Liljedal glassworks operated between 1781 and 1917, employing a maximum of 150 glassblowers and producing 13 million bottles a year. Among other things, they produced a medicine bottle that became a model for a world-famous Swedish vodka bottle.

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Discover the summer idyll of Liljedal. Here you will find a welcoming guest harbour and several cafés in a scenic setting. Take a swim at the beautiful Buda beach. Hike the Chicken Trail which takes you through miles of exciting flora and fauna. Finish off with a visit to the ice cream café - Glassbruket. Spend the night on the Houseboat in Liljedal which is moored in the harbour, or stay at the peaceful Buda Gård or why not in the Skepparstugan.

A warm welcome to Liljedal!