Packing for the bike trip

Along Vänern, there are many beautiful cycling routes, including Sweden's longest national cycle path, Vänerleden. Here, you have many opportunities for day trips with the family or embarking on a longer adventure with overnight stays. Regardless of which cycling journey appeals to you, it's important to pack properly to make the trip safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.


Check the bike and cycling equipment

Make sure your bike is in good condition before you set off and that the tires are well-inflated. Are all helmets intact and the right size? Bring a small tool kit in case something happens with the tires, and if possible, a small pump as well.

Water and snacks

Bring enough water for the entire trip to avoid dehydration. Or check in advance if you can refill your water bottles along the way. Pack snacks that provide quick energy if you start to tire, such as fruit, nuts, or energy bars.

Clothing and protection

Dress according to the weather. Choose layered clothing and adjust according to how the weather changes. Don't forget sunscreen and sunglasses! When cycling, arms and shoulders are particularly exposed to the sun.

Mobile phone

Ensure your phone is fully charged in case you need to make a call or use the map function to find your way.

First aid kit

Blisters, mosquito bites, a scraped knee or two. It's always good to have a handy first aid kit for minor issues.

Picnic equipment

If you plan to stop for a picnic along the way, you will need a picnic blanket or seat pad, lunch boxes, and perhaps equipment for a pleasant grilling session. A thermos with coffee for the adults and juice for the kids is a must.


For those who want to explore Vänerleden for a few days, it is also good to consider the following:

Camping equipment or book in advance

If you plan to camp along the way, make sure to bring all necessary camping gear such as a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and camping stove. You can also book accommodations at hotels and hostels in advance.

Extra clothes and personal items

Pack changes of clothes, a towel, hygiene products, and a flashlight or headlamp to find your way around the campsite when it gets dark. Don’t forget rain gear.

Food and drink

If you plan to cook all your meals yourself, you will need to bring food and a portable stove. Freeze-dried meals are easy to pack and lightweight. Oatmeal for breakfast porridge is also convenient. Tea bags, freeze-dried coffee, and individual packs of hot chocolate allow you to quickly prepare a hot drink.

Bring a portable battery charger

Make sure to charge your phone and other electronic devices before setting off on your bike tour, and bring a fully charged power bank to charge your phone if you are far from an electrical outlet.

Feel free to check the map for tips on attractions and activities along Vänerleden. Have a wonderful bike ride!

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