Charge your e-bike safely

Cruising around on an electric bike is a really convenient and comfortable way to enjoy Vänerleden and the surroundings. Of course, to keep the ride easy, the bike battery needs to be charged at regular intervals. Here's how to get the full power and minimize the risk of overheating:

Use the right charger and cables

Make sure you use the charger that came with your e-bike when you bought or rented it. Use only cables intended for the purpose and never use damaged or broken cables.

Place the charger on a stable surface

Place the charger on a stable and flat surface where it is not likely to tip over or fall down.

Avoid charging outdoors in rainy or humid weather

If possible, avoid charging your e-bike outdoors when it is raining or when it is humid. If you must charge outdoors, make sure to use a waterproof protective device to protect the charger and connectors.

Do not charge overnight without supervision

It is always best to supervise the charging of the e-bike. Do not leave the charger plugged in overnight or when leaving the site unattended. Monitoring the charge reduces the risk of overheating or other problems.

Have a smoke detector nearby

If you charge your e-bike indoors, make sure there is a working smoke detector nearby. This is particularly important to quickly detect any problems that may arise during charging.

There are both charging stations for electric bikes and service stations for all types of bikes along the Vänerleden trail. The service stations are marked with the symbol of the Lake Vänern Grand Tour and are placed at regular intervals along the trail.

Have a nice and safe ride on your electric bike!

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