Motorhome Park at Måkebergsplan

Åmål, Västra Götalands län


  • Hostel

A Motorhome Park in the middle of the city


On the pitch there is fresh water and gray water drainage. You also have access to the service house in the guest harbor where there are toilets, showers and laundry facilities, all included in the fee. The address is Hamngatan 3.

There is no electricity at the site. If you want electricity for your camper we refer to Örnäs Camping.

Free WIFI!

When is the Motorhome Park open?

The Motorhome Park opens during the Easter week and is open until the end of October.


120 SEK / per night.

How to pay

You can pay through the page .

Standards of conduct

Note that the Motorhome Park is north of the trailer ramp - the parking area south of the trailer ramp is a regular parking that is not to be used for overnight stays.

Be sure to keep a distance of at least 4 meters between your Motorhomes!

Caravans are welcome at Örnäs Camping, unfortunately not at the motor home park. But the camping is just a few minutes drive away!

Tents and furniture is not allowed.

The place is centrally located and there can be occasional disturbing noises from the surroundings. However, it is forbidden to drive on the street next to it at night, but this is not always followed unfortunately. In the harbor and parking area, it must be quiet at 23.00.

During June-September, local security guards patrol the city center, including the guest harbor and caravan park on weekends and certain weekdays. Feel free to talk to them if you experience anything disturbing. If you feel threatened or if it is very noicy - call the police on 112!


There is free WIFI (AMAL) in the guest harbor area which also reaches to the Motorhome Park. Choose between a quick login that lasts for an hour, or login with your email address and the WIFI will be available for 12 hours. You can connect to the WIFI as many times as you like.