Duse Udde guest harbor

Säffle, Värmlands län


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Welcome to a nice guest harbor in Lake Vänern. The nature around Duse Udde is incredibly beautiful. Explore the area along the beautiful hiking trails.

The guest harbor is located at the entrance from Vänern to Byälven, Säffle canal. The nearest town is Säffle, which is 7 km from the campsite. Grills, restaurant, WC and shower. Here there are activities such as swimming area, volleyball, mini golf, canoe rental and more. There are also nice hiking trails in the area. Can only be booked via email:

For price and more information see link here

Port information:
Harbor depth: 2.5
Guest places: 6
Mooring: Buoys
The fee incl. toilet/shower.

Harbor depth 1.5-3 m. Chart 134 NW special. 59°04.8 N 12°42.4 E.