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Lake Vänern Museum

Lidköping, Västra Götalands län


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A museum in the fantastic lakeside town of Lidköping

A thought-provoking experience – past and present

Lake Vänern Museum brings together research, naval history, exciting exhibitions, and a host of childishly enjoyable adventures. Exhibitions portray people's lives through the centuries, both on the shores of Lake Vänern and in the town. It shows how human beings interacted with nature, with fascinating tales recounting the harsh conditions endured by the seamen, and the ups and downs in the everyday of a peasant family. The vast archives include more than 17,000 objects, 1,600 works of art and 150,000 photographs depicting past and present.

Barges, fish and chamber of horrors

The children can crawl through passages to the mermaid’s retreat, take the helm of a sailing ship, or delve into the depths of the museum's chamber of horrors. In the aquarium department you’ll encounter several of Lake Vänern’s interesting fish species. The museum shop has a wide selection of souvenirs, as well as a range of organic and Fairtrade products.

Tours of the town and InfoPoint

From Lake Vänern Museum there are guided tours of the town, taking in the Ajax museum apartment, and the buildings that make up the town centre, all accompanied by inspiring narratives charting the town’s history. The museum also acts as an InfoPoint where you can enquire about local events and attractions and download brochures and maps.