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Hike and cycle Säffle city - Duse Udde

Säffle, Värmlands län


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Hike and bike along the Byälven to Säffle's pearl Duse Udde on the shores of Lake Vänern.

The walking and cycling path starts i the center of Säffle goes through forest groves, fields and parks such as Krokstad Herrgård's English park with lush greenery and along the river. Substrate gravel and asphalt. At Duse Udde you will find walking paths, mini golf, a true obstacle course, volleyball court and more. Take the opportunity to take a dip by the rocks and sandy beach.

Krokstad Manor is mentioned in writings as early as 1415. Today, the manor is a residential facility with a restaurant. The lighthouse at Duse is over a hundred years old, today it is a restaurant with a fantastic view of Lake Vänern. For map see PDF. This pedestrian and bicycle path is also part of the Vänerleden.

Serving: Krokstad Herrgård - pre-booking. Fyren Duse Udde, the restaurant in the old lighthouse is open at summer time.