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Sannaleden - path

Kristinehamn, Värmlands län


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Hike between Sannakajen and Herrgårdscampingen on the 6 km long Sannaleden in Kristinehamn. A lovely circular loop where parts of it follow the water. Close to both the center and the beach.

Between Kristinehamn Arena and Herrgårdscampingen, there is a beach forest with trees such as birch, alder, and willow. The forest is an attractive nesting environment for many songbird species due to the vegetation with a high herb flora and a multilayered bush population. The presence of dead deciduous trees and stumps is also important for bird life. The smaller woodpecker, which is sparse in Kristinehamn, has been found to breed here.


In May and June, there is a lot to hear and see, especially if you are interested in birds. The white birds nest in the harbour. In May and June, the birdsong is almost deafening. The nightingale sings highest of them all. Even in the reeds, there is a loud, if not particularly beautiful song, namely from the thrush singer. None of these are very common in Kristinehamn.

There is a small rest area with a nice view of the lake and Varnumsviken. During the spring and autumn you can, for example, see flocks of vig in transit here. Among the species that live the buoys cormorants and ospreys are the most conspicuous.

Walk a shorter loop or continue farther!

Choose to walk this shorter loop or continue along the beach and walk about 4.5 km to the Picasso sculpture. Another path starts close to the sculpture, Jaqueline's nature path, which has nice resting areas and good views of the lake and the horizon.