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Kristinehamn, Värmlands län


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Explore life in Kristinehamn during the firs half of the 19th century bu taking a walk answering questions found on signs located around the city centre.

During this period Kristinehamn was busy Iron City and played an important part in world economics. Scan the QR code and answer the questions.

Do this

Go to one of the signs in the center of Kristinehamn. You can find them here:

  • Södra torget
  • Stadsparken, Brandkårsvägen.
  • Norra Torget
  • Biblioteksgatan/Fabriksgatan
  • Brogymnasiet/Varnan (Krip)
  • Gamla kyrkogatan/Österlånggatan
  • Krukmakeri Hemgjord/Statt