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Ölmeljus shop

Kristinehamn, Värmlands län


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Ölmeljus & Diversehandel has an assortment of self-made candles and chandeliers, local crafts and candle-making courses in Ölme, just outside Kristinehamn. All in a cozy old-fashioned environment.

Welcome to Johan and Carina's shop and candle workshop. During the fall of 2022, Ölme Diversehandel moved home to Ölme again. A lot of the museum objects are now in the new store.

In a separate room, candles and chandeliers that are for sale in the store are poured. Ölmeljus & Diversehandel has local crafts from the area, Mor Carin's cheesecake, jam and Älvan's honey, but also gift items from near and far.

Beer candles can also be bought from, among others, Kristinehamn's Tourist Office, Värmland Museum in Karlstad and Ölme Prästgård.

Ölmeljus also offers candle pouring where you, together with friends, colleagues or family, can pour your own candles. Pouring candles together is peaceful and entertaining. You can't stress, but the dip takes the time it takes. Slowly you see the candles grow big and become really beautiful!