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Guest harbour in Karlstad

Karlstad, Värmlands län


  • Guest harbor

Only a five-minute walk from the center of Karlstad is Karlstad's guest harbor in an area called Inner harbor.

In the guest harbor there is, among other things, access to toilets, a shower, a washing area, an environmental station and a laundry room. There are also bicycles and bicycle baskets to borrow for those who rent space in the guest harbour. There is also an emptying station here for emptying latrines from recreational boats. There is also free Wi-Fi for visitors in the guest harbor and you get the password inside the guest harbor office.

In summer, the guest harbor is a popular area and there are several restaurants and cafes adjacent to the docks in the Inner Harbor, as the area is called. Here it is inviting to sit and eat an ice cream and watch people's life. Stadsträdgården, Lars Lerins art gallery and Värmland museum are within walking distance and in a few minutes' walk you will reach the center with all conceivable services such as banks, pharmacies, grocery stores and shopping.

Mooring in Karlstad's guest harbour

In the summer of 2020, fixed mooring lines (Mediterranean Mooring) were introduced, which take up to 23 boats. In addition to this, there are also six fixed y-boom locations.

Simply explained, the system with fixed mooring lines means that by adding to a fixed line in the water, you can accommodate more boats at the same jetty than you would have with, for example, a y-boom. In this way, more flexibility is created in the port and more boats can dock at the same time.

Fixed anchors are tied to the bridge. You drive in to the jetty, grab the rope lying in the water and fasten it to the stern of the boat.

Port facts

The harbor depth is three meters and you can find Inner harbor on the chart: 131 NE 59°22.5 N 13°30.5 E

Opening hours and contact

The guest harbor is open all year round. Street address: Tynäsgatan 8, Magasin 2.

If you have questions during the high season, please contact our guest harbor host on phone 054-540 67 56 or via e-mail

If you have questions during the low season, contact the municipality's Contact Center on phone 054-540 00 00. The Contact Center is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.