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Gamla Ekudden nature reserve

Mariestad, Västra Götalands län


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Recreation area by lake Vänern

Gamla Ekudden is only two kilometers from the city center in Mariestad. The area is frequently used as a recreational area for example hiking in the beautiful surroundings. The old gnarled oaks on the headland have given the nature reserve its name.

From the city center is a nice walking path from the guest harbor to Ekudden. After 2 kilometers you arrive at Ekudden´s Campsite where you will find a nice beach for swimming.

During a long period of time the area was pasture land for kings residence Marieholm. There has also been a brickyard at the site during the 18th and 19th century and som remains of buildings from this time are still visible. This area is called Tegelängen ("brick field") and has become a popular place for

Under lång tid har området varit betesmark åt Marieholms kungsgård, och där har också funnits ett tegelbruk under 1700- och 1800-talen. Rester av byggnader är fortfarande synliga. Detta område, kallat Tegelängen, har blivit ett uppskattat tillhåll för wading birds.

You are welcome to visit the nature reserve Gamla Ekudden but keep in mind that it is not allowed to:

  • destroy or damage solid natural objects or surface formation
  • put up a board, poster, inscription or similar device
  • disturb wildlife (for example by climbing trees, catching or killing mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians)
  • bring an unleashed dog or other loose pet
  • throw away bottles, cans or other rubbish
  • dig up, pick or break bushes, rice, herbs, mosses, lichens or fungi
  • drive a motor vehicle
  • make a fire (other than in a specially designated place),
  • camp
  • ride a horse
  • ride a bicycle other than on a designated road, path or place
  • moor or anchor boat