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Fishing in Lake Hallsjön

Vänersborg, Västra Götalands län


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Peaceful fishing on beautiful Halleberg mountain

Fishing permit

In order to be allowed to fish in Lake Hallsjön you need to purchase a fishing permit, you can buy the permit either online on our booking site or at the Tourist Information Centers in Trollhättan or Vänersborg. You can also buy the permit at Fiskeshopen in Trollhättan.

It is important that you bring the fishing permit when you go to Lake Hallsjön to fish and keep it visible when you are fishing so that fishing inspectors can easily check your permit. The inspectors go around the lake and check permits and are available to answer questions that you might have when you are there.

The fishing permit for Lake Hallsjön is a personal card that is sold as a day pass for 200 SEK. When booking the permit online, a booking fee of 30 SEK is added. After you have received your confirmation, you cannot cancel or get your money back.

Fishing rules and regulations

This apply to the day passes and only Lake Hallsjön's fishing permits. The rules must be read through before you begin fishing. The fishing permit is for only one person and can not be handed over to another person.

  • The fishing permit costs 200 SEK (+30 SEK booking fee when booking online) for one day fishing. NOTE! The Swedish Fishing License does not apply at Lake Hallsjön. You can buy a maximum of 2 cards per person per day.
  • A maximum of 2 salmon-like fish (game fish) may be caught and taken per fishing permit.
  • A fishing permit is valid for 1 rod. Alternatively, spin, fly or ice fishing rod. For this, a maximum of one fly, pirk, or hook. Only one spare rod can be included per fishing permit.
  • The fishing permit is a personal document that is tied to your identity and regardless of place of purchase, the name, social security number and correct date of fishing must be visible and be checked with the help of another form of identification. Digital purchases need to be supplemented with proof of payment (eg screenshot) as the Internet connection on Halleberg can be difficult at times. Valid paper cards are filled in with an ink pen and stamped.
  • Fishing may only be conducted between 06:00 - 23:00 every day of the week, other times all fishing is prohibited. The lake may be leased during certain days but information about this will be posted on Facebook and on nearby signs well beforehand.
  • All fishing takes place from land, except ice fishing. Fishing from boats/rubber rafts/canoes/kayaks or the like is forbidden. Exceptions to this rule can only come from a written permission from the Bergagården Foundation.
  • It is forbidden to disturb other fishermen or occupy a fishing spot without doing any fishing. Swimming from jetties is forbidden, as it disturbs fishermen when running or moving on jetties.
  • As an adult, you may have ONE child under the age of 13 fishing with you with their own rod in close proximity to you, without any extra fee. However, the catch limit still applies to 2 salmon-like fish per permit.
  • When fishing, the rod or rods must be kept in close proximity, and you may not occupy more than one fishing spot.
  • The fishing supervisors are provided with a special mark or tag and it is the fisherman's responsibility to present the fishing permit and ID during the inspection. Equipment and catch must also be presented when asked. Signs by the water with statements by the fishing supervisor have the same validity as these rules.
  • There is a fire ban everywhere except in prepared fireplaces.
  • Purchased cards can not be canceled.
  • Anyone who violates any of the above rules risks losing their fishing rights and may be asked to leave the lake immediately. When fishing, legal liability applies.

The area around Lake Hallsjön

Around the lake you will find well cleared paths and fireplaces. If you want to walk around the lake it is about 4 kilometers. Lake Hallsjön is located on Halleberg table mountain which is part of Ecopark Halleberg and Hunneberg. The two table mountains have a rich wildlife, therefore please keep in mind that breeding season for animals and birds is in the spring so be careful when exploring the area.

Lake Hallsjön also offers services for disabled guests. If you are disabled and want to enjoy sport fishing there is a boat available, there is also a handicap-friendly dock and a toilet.

Map over Halle- and Hunneberg mountains.

Read more about the Swedish Rights of Public Access here.