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Bike Säffle - Duse Udde

Säffle, Värmlands län


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Pump the tires, load the picnic basket and visit Säffle's pearl - Duse Udde at Vänern shoreline.

Duse Udde on the shores of Lake Vänern is a wonderful place for both adults and children with both child-friendly sandy beaches and cozy rock baths. If you get tired of swimming, there are other activities to have fun with.

Nature offers nice hiking trails. The more than one hundred year old lighthouse is today a brilliant restaurant with a fantastic view of Lake Vänern, open during summertimes. You cycle along the Byälven from Säffle city to Duse Udde. You pass Krokstad Manor where the English park attracts to a break with its lush greenery and natural shapes. Once on Duse Udde there are nice places to relax and unpack the picnic basket, barbecue area is at the guest harbor.
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