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Bathing sites in Mariestad

Mariestad, Västra Götalands län


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Find your own favorite place along the Mariestad coast

Mariestad is situated by lake Vänern with its various archipelago. Many bathing sites can be find in the area.

The biggest ones are Strandbadet at Ekudden, Sandviken and Snapen. Both Ekudden and Snapen has changing rooms, showers and toilets. At Snapen there is also a sauna.

Dogs are allowed at the beach beyond Sandviken bathing. Clearly marked on the map at the parking lot.

Heated pools are found at Ekudden. Here is a 50 metre long pool, a pool for children and a paddling pool for the youngest. Changing room, shower, toilet, sauna and kiosk. Open during summer. The rest of the year heated inside pools are available at Mariestad´s swimming hall in the city center.

It is also easy to find your own undisturbed creek on the island Torsö or Brommö or the shores of the lake Vänern.

There is a nice beach in central Sjötorp. Easy access and child friendly. One big and several smaller bays can be found north of the quest harbour. The big one has changing rooms and toilets.

North of Sjötorp along the coast of Vänern and road 26 you find several beaches. Klevasand and Askevikbadet are the biggest ones. Askevikbadets beach is located by the camping site Asekvik. Here is also a kiosk and a restaurant.

Göta canal

It is allowed to swim in the canal but for your own safety make sure you are always at least 50 meter from locks and bridges. There are strong currents when a lock is emptied or filled and the bridges are movable.