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Åmål's guest harbor

Åmål, Västra Götalands län


  • Attraction

Bring your boat all the way into town

Close to everything

Just a few steps from the beautiful city center with its shops, cafés and restaurants you will find the marina and the Guest harbor. Here you can drink a cup of coffee or eat good food. The harbor has room for about 35 boats and has a depth of 1 to 3 meters. The guest harbor is located 200 meters from Åmål center and close to grocery stores, pharmacies, shops and banks.


  • Fresh water supply
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • 28 electrical outlets
  • Fuel
  • Garbage bins
  • Trailer ramp
  • Cranes for boat and mast
  • Free WIFI (AMAL)

Prices and payment

Go to and pay by card or Swish.

Opening hours

The guest harbor opens during the Easter week in April and closes at the end of September, maybe October depending on the weather.

Standard of conduct

The place is centrally located and there can be occasional disturbing noises from the surroundings. However, it is forbidden to drive on the street next to it at night, but this is not always followed unfortunately. In the harbor and parking area, it must be quiet at 23.00.

During June-September, local security guards patrol the center, including the guest harbor and parking lot on weekends and certain weekdays. Feel free to talk to them if you experience anything disturbing. If you feel threatened or if it is very noicy - call the police on 112!


Position: 5903N1243E

Chart: 134 NW, SW

Harbour depth: 1 -3 m

Guest Places: 35

Mooring: Buoy and Long Side


WGS84 59°3'13.6"N 12°42'32.7"E WGS84 DDM 59°3.227'N 12°42.545'E WGS84 Decimal (lat, lon) 59.053782, 12.709079