Food & Drink

Gränden - Food & beers

Karlstad, Värmlands län


  • Cafe/Restaurant

A small pub with good food and well-chosen drinks from breweries and distilleries in Värmland.

Here you'll find flavourful dishes in new and fun ways, paired with exciting drinks that have a local connection.

Gränden also organises tastings of different drinks combined with a tasting menu, for both companies and individuals.

They currently work with the following beverage suppliers:

Fryksdalens Bryggeri, Västra Ämterviks Bryggeri, Mj's Bryggeri, Nordmarkens Destilleri, Ten Hands Brewing, Twelve Arches, Spisbryggeriet, Carlstad Bryggeri, Wermlands Brygghus, Good Guys Brew, Hammarö Bryggeri, Botolfs Bryggeri, Gammelbacka Bryggeri, Dugges, Duckpond, Brekeriet, Beavertown, Höganäs Bryggeri and Springwines.