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Hike and cycle Säffle city - By church

Säffle, Värmlands län


  • Biking

On the stretch between the city and the church, you get to experience nature with proximity to the urban environment. Part of the Pilgrimsleden and Vänerleden.

The walking and cycling path takes you from the center out along the Byälven / Säffle canal, along beautiful gardens and Knusesund manor park. If you're lucky, you may see both deer and pheasants roaming the area. Cross over Näsvägen where the pedestrian and cycle lane and keep right to get to By kyrka. The trail runs on asphalt and gravel paths in a beautiful forest environment where large oaks give you cooling shade.

The predecessor of By church dates back to the 14th century and is located in almost the same place as today's church. A crucifix from the end of the 13th century suggests that a church already existed in the early Middle Ages. The Säffle canal and the lock were built between 1836-1837. The canal goes up to Arvika. Walking and cycling path from By church along Näsvägen.